Unifuse is Green Manufacturing

UNIFUSE is GREEN! Announcing our extensive capabilities to create stronger more durable return and reuse containers, boxes and pallets. Molding polyethylene by way of the unique and patented Unifuse VIM process enables a huge reduction in the waste stream created by disposing the usual cardboard and corrugated plastic containers and eliminates the need of constant replacements.

Unifuse LLC has always manufactured durable and high-duty polyethylene material handling equipment, step stands, poly trucks, specialty pallets, mobile totes and medical waste carts; but we are re-establishing our place in the market as a custom small box and plastic container maker. With the push for businesses to “Go Green” and reduce their wasted costs on disposal and replacements they are turning to us even more to help them achieve their goals.

The Unifuse process makes new shapes and low-run quantities affordable because of a simpler tooling method and modify-on-the-fly capabilities that allows new designs to be prototyped and tested before a major quantity production is run. We can add benefits by creating stacking or stack/nest boxes, hand holds or positioning lids. With add-ons such as fastening systems, hinges and handles we can meet your needs completely.

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