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Unifuse Health & Hospital Service Products

Since 1983, Unifuse has been manufacturing heavy duty polyethylene products for hospital, healthcare, and bio-waste generators. Products for these applications include Medical Waste Carts, Sanitary Carts, bins, totes, tubs, dollies and floor trucks. Our medical waste containers and leak proof carts are perfect for hauling wet, dry, powdered, liquids, or solids materials.

It is likely we already have the perfect solution from over 2000 stock molds. We mold with FDA approved resin, so our plastic is safe for food and potable water contact. If we don’t have the perfect solution already available, we will find or design and build it for you. Our VIM molding process enables us to be highly responsive, providing prototypes, modification, and production with short lead times. Our medical waste containers can be used with wet, dry, powdered, liquids or solids materials.

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