New Unifuse SS3-HR Safety Step

Building onto the already successful line of Safety Step Stand products is the new 3-Step which now features an optional handrail for safety and stability. Already in wide use the Unifuse Safety Step Stands continue to serve a variety of industries from national distribution centers and order picking warehouses to your local physician’s office.

Unifuse products are made from USDA and FDA approved low-density polyethylene, which has superb impact and crack resistance and will not rust, chip, or splinter.

The Unifuse VIM process converts thermoplastic pellets or powder to finished parts by vibrational fusing and without actually liquefying the plastic resins. Through a combination of heat and vibration Unifuse can make large plastic shapes with superior strength and integrity. The special process of Unifuse VIM produces parts without having to subject the plastic resins to thermal degradation. This removes the weakening stresses that are inherent in other plastic production processes thus creates a stronger and more durable plastic product.

SS3-HR - SS Series Three-Step Safety Step Stand with Handrail   - 26 x 37 x 29
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